"Wicked Jessica"

The fifth book in the Great Catfight Series is a delight which I know you will enjoy. It begins with an illustrated story, WICKED JESSICA which brings forth our new Spanish artist, Anubisx. His work is quite sexy and colorful which I know you will enjoy. Story one is followed by five additional stories written by catwriter including a wife and mistress catfight and two voluptuous B MOVIE QUEENS among others. The story TWIN TUSSLE features twins engaged in two furious catfights over the neighbor boy. One takes place in a swimming pool in the back yard and the other on the bed.
All stories feature beautiful, stacked women who catfight anywhere, anytime. Enjoy.

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"Best Breast"

The cover story, BEST BREAST, is a favorite of many of my readers and well suited to the incredible talents of thecatzman. I have commissioned 15 illustrations of the battle from thecatzman instead of the usual 8 to 10. His incredibly nuanced subtlety gives new meaning to the creative depictions of women in combat. For aficionados of thecatzmans body of work, I requested that he use the models from AFTER THE FUNERAL, one of my all-time favorites of his. Sit back and enjoy the best catfight art on the planet.
Also, there are the usual 5 additional stories from the red-hot imagination of Catwriter. One is a torrid hairpulling battle between sexy strippers and another between two gorgeous and sexy relatives fighting in and around the swimming pool. Both end in a very sexy way.

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"Hot Tub Mayhem"

Book 3 is a real treat in that it features the first story I ever wrote and had it illustrated by the awesome catfight artist, Kevin Karstens. He has his own site and has been drawing catfights for several decades now. He really brings a story to life It features a fierce standing catfight in a hot tub between beautiful women. Following are five additional stories by catwriter featuring a beach battle between Pam and Jen, catfighting ad executives fighting it out in the back yard at a private party, a young sickly boy with an amorous nurse and in home teacher who agree to disagree, and others. I think you will enjoy the story selection.

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