E-C-C 358 "Titfight Challenge XIX"

Everyone loves a sequels so we continue the titfight challenges today with the two big busty and sexy UK Milfs Tiger Lily and Charmaine Sinclair in a hot and steamy interracial encounter. These two start soft for first maybe, but then you can see a great dirty titfight match! They standing face to face, arms around each other hugging tight tit to tit with strained faces and squishing their breasts together harder and harder. Both are evenly matched and competitive in this great titfight match between two mommies who trying to destroying each other with their voluptuous natural weapons towards victory.

E-C-C 358 Runtime: 36min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 357 "Elimination Match"

Two women, Gina Blond, the purebred cat, and Manu, a dirty alley cat with a taste for kinky tit to tit action, agree to meet at the female fight club, dressed in sexy dessous, to settle out a tit war over a rewarding contract to get the right to challenge on of the busty mature bitches like Sexy Susi for ranking points in the busty womens titfight league. First they exchange angry looks and squeezing each others breasts, before the rivals start an erotic titfight competition that gets nastier, with nipple to nipple and tit squeezing attacks. Gina Blonde has delivered many breathtaking and uninhibited performances in the dirty catfight business against a formidable array of hot bitches, and here at last Gina is matched up with her newest opponent and rival in real life, Manu, for an erotic elimination match or should we say, an elimination titfight war?

E-C-C 357 Runtime: 32min. + 31min.

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E-C-C 356 "In The Heat of the Club Night"

Krizzi wants absolutely the revenge match versus Sexy Susi this night and she is hungry for the win. So she provoked Sexy Susi to leave the female fight club, after the live event, but Susi decides to teach Krizzi another lesson because she is well known for her preference for grappling throughout erotic club events, both for acclaim and rivalry. And Krizzi similarly is not afraid to throw her big tits and her hungry pussy into the ring for an equal erotic clash. Krizzi assert: "I can out squeeze, out fuck and destroy you" Susi replied: "Bring it on!" Thus developed an intense fight between two voluptuous and competitive Milfs in hot outfits with intensiv sexy breast duels and heated competitions where this mature rivals mash and press ample chests together before the crotch to crotch scissoring to the finish started. But before the ultimate finish they thrusting and slamming their hips together and pounding their crotches while both horny bitches become more and more aroused by the feverish competition!

E-C-C 356 Runtime: 36min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 355 "Busty Sluts"

The younger voluptuous newcomer Ashley is ready to provokate sexy and busty Milf Dacada to a down and dirty one-on-one catfight match. One word leads to another. This is followed by a lesson for both that has it all. Strong titfight and sexfight with two hot, sexy women! Because as Dacada realizes that Ashley is much stronger than she thought, she begins resorting to sexual attacks instead! And when two differnt-aged wives (the young aspiring vs the mature experience warrior) challenge each other, to learn which of them will endure the pain and pleasure of fighting, using big tits and wet pussies, will skills awaking that are seldom found in a ordinary female fight.

E-C-C 355 Runtime: 34min. + 32min.

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E-C-C 354 "Relentless Rivals"

Marina Montana is the well built Boss Lady and Sexy Mo the hardbodied rival who absolutely wants to take her position. They tackle again and fight at every turn. Topless and with bare pussys. What starts with a hot breastbattle ends with a mutual orgasm. The two different aged women who fight for the leadership, also rolling around with firm body locks and really getting down and dirty with every minute! Experience the unbridled passion and savagery of these hellcats in a steamy mood. Ultimately the two women end up grinding together pussy to pussy to a sweat-soaked mutual orgasmic climax! And for all newcomers to understanding: A female fight club need a strong leadership hand and the current Boss Lady must keep down all aspiring rivals. And that is still Marinas fate, everytime and everywhere. Until one stronger Queen-Bee appearance to defeat her!!!

E-C-C 354 Runtime: 37min. + 36min.

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E-C-C 353 "Titfight Challenge XVIII"

This video shows a new titfight challenge between two of the sexiest busty UK Milfs in erotic business, ebony amazon Charmaine Sinclair and bountiful RedXXX. And Reds combative breasts are ready for Charmains wonderful natural big boobs. The main focus be self-evident on great tit-to-tit mashing, pounding, and rubbing, with both women working up a nice skin contrast under the lights as the boobs slip and slide against each other. They start out only in see-through capes, of course wide open, and panties before they go on fighting topless. Both women are well prepared. And both women are convinced they can win this match. But only one woman can walk away with certainty to be one of the top tit fighters in Europe. Who has more powerful tits and who absolutely want the other submit?

E-C-C 353 Runtime: 35min. + 34min.

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E-C-C 352 "Back Room Cats"

We find the rival catfight divas, Gina Blond and Jessica, working out in the bed room but eternal opponents cannot be in the same area for too long before they start to scratch and bite. They love to insulting each other for starting a heated brawl of hair pulling and full body to body embracing as a test of strength and will. There is hair pulling, tit attacks, body squeezing, hot kissing and pussy bumping on the bed to complete exhaustion seen in this wild battle to be the top bitch! The ladies go at it tooth and nail in that newly created separate club room, each wanting so badly to prove to the other, but no one wants to give up! Does Jessica protect her claims, or is Gina able to steal it from her?

E-C-C 352 Runtime: 35min. + 34min.

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E-C-C 351 "Dirty Showdown"

Demanding Krizzi is the new hot busty milf in town and upon her arrival she instantly opened up a very successful night club business in the neighborhood. And the established city queen, Sexy Susi has been effectively fulfilling her very exciting job as female club fighter who know how to defeat rivals who want to steal her business ideas. So Susi quickly makes an appointment with her new rival Krizzi to clarify things personally from woman to woman in an undisturbed place because the very experienced and aspiring Krizzi is a current danger for her, or perhaps we should say she makes real efforts to take over the city. It soon escalates into an erotic catfight with lots of tit to tit squeezing and breast to breast boxing attacks in this new heated rivalry. And they are ready to battle incredibly passionate and aggressive in a test of will and for the last orgasm to find out who is the current alpha bitch in town?

E-C-C 351 Runtime: 34min. + 33min.

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E-C-C 350 "Nasty Busty Ladys"

Here is a horny jealous erotice office catfight between the current deputy Boss Lady Dacada (because Marina Montana has to take a break due to illness) facing off against equally sexy busty newcomer Zara Mendez. As they squeeze, scissor and pin breasts one another, their clashing tits form an exciting sight. They battle tough, fall to the ground and start to wrestle rolling around, tit on tit, with their hands grabbing each others butt. And the different aged women get more and more aggressive with every passing minute to be victorious and they fingering their rival with the intent to bring her to cum. At the very end they building up to a heated pussy to pussy rubbing sexfight so tight that both pussies grind clit on clit!

E-C-C 350 Runtime: 36min. + 36min.

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E-C-C 349 "Bring it on, Bitch"

Finding out that they have been trying to steal each others regular titfight clients, Lucy Gresty and Marina Montana erupt in a powerful squeezing titfight. Both are quite angry with each other and they have search a place where they can prove it mutually. The busty milfs brag about how easy it will be to prove themselves as the one with the stronger weapons before they lock up and the action goes back and fourth with some fierce breast to breast squeezing contests. Things get really heated up as both experience women take their blouses off exposing their beautiful big tits. They slugged it out in "UK Mistress vs German Mistress" (E-C-C 297), but now the two voluptuous mature blondes want one more challenge: An ultimate outdoor titfight showdown. And when they wraps those powerful arms around each other and squeeze their big boobs into each other there is no escape.

E-C-C 349 Runtime: 33min. + 26min.

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