E-C-C 274 "Rival Sexfight Teachers"

One blonde busty English Milf, one brunette busty English Milf. Both want to be the better Sexfight and Titfight Teacher at the same gym, but only one can it be ! Well Gilly suspects that Lucy has been stealing her rich female clients and is really angry because Lucy denies everything. In this erotic compatition, Lucy Gresty and Gilly Sampson face off in the staff room where both assumes a victory in a titfight challenge where the bras come off and exposing both fighters huge breasts and then it is a back and forth titfighting match before they go down, crotch to crotch and a victory is finally achieved ! The Ladies are very eager, experienced and are never can be satisfy, they want reach the max pleasure and rub their pussys over pussys until one reached an ultimate orgasm !

E-C-C 274 Runtime: 34min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 273 "Personal Rivalries"

After everyone has left the girls fight club, Jessy confronts Bitchy Jana about that she fucking her girlfriend the other night. Jana, being the evil bitch she is, confirms everything and laughs in her new rivals face. And now we knew: These girls come to tangle. Both are in black boots and they go at each other with strong body embracing, standing pussy grinding and tit to tit squeezing.The ladies go at it untill they orgasm. Upto the end, till the last girl standing. So see how these pretty ladies release their rivalry frustrations with each other.

E-C-C 273 Runtime: 38min. + 38min. Bonus

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E-C-C 272 "Wild Queen Bees"

Candy (85F) returns to the female fight club after she winning the busty titfight contest vs Polina. And she wants only the toughest competition and challenges longtime champion, Marina Montana (75F). See these two big-breasted titfight experts battle each other in a wide open club room match with many back and forth tit to tit action between two very busty and different aged women. Another installment in our "Big Busty" series, commissioned by one of our favorite customers !

E-C-C 272 Runtime: 36min. + 36min. Bonus

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E-C-C 271 "A Steamy Affair"

Two successful sexfighter decide to settle their feud in a crotch to crotch match and so Sexy Mo and Lady Luciana faced themselves in a furious sexfight to prove who is the hottest and strongest black-haired in the realm of the Sexfight Club. The two rivals in lesbian love, tangle and grapple on the floor and pussies come in for some rough treatment. Things get heated and they keep going at it and both ladies utilized every dirty trick to gain an advantage but at the end one lady stood victorious and the other vanquished, shot as part of a custom video project. This is a must see if you go wild for two strong and sexy looking women who struggle and fight with bodies rubbing, grinding, and struggling before magnificent crotches do their job.

E-C-C 271 Runtime: 32min. + 19min. Bonus

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E-C-C 270 "Fight Room Showdown"

These two had met once before in a private match at the womens fight club and a special rivalry developed. Sophie was a little bit arrogant, saying that she was going to kick Monas ass and that she was going to squeeze her out with locked topless body clinches. And the sexy Milf Mona decided she was definitely going to battle this younger bitch out. When the two met for these revenge catfight, the stakes were up because of the earlier match and neither had intentions of losing to the other. They dont exchange many words, they just embrace each others body and the fight is on.

E-C-C 270 Runtime: 33min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 269 "Bad Girls"

The returnee Gina Blonde and newcomer Jessy think that they are better than the other and both are confident that they can overpower their opponent to become a new challenger in the womens fight club. As expected it is an unrestrained sexfight with extended standing pussy to pussy pumping and grinding where both horny wet women look for a slight advantage. The challenge seesaws back and forth, and both women show their knowledge of classic sexfight contests and some good old rough crotch to crotch action too. Breasts come out, kisses are exchanged and the heating up is real as they are rubbing their pussies until reaching orgasms. After over 30 minutes of exciting moments, this one ends with an awesome.......(Full HD 1920x1080). This is a custom video and if you would like your own, please email us here: [email protected]

E-C-C 269 Runtime: 36min. + 36min. Bonus

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E-C-C 268 "Heated Milfs"

Champagne and Abbie argue verbally about who is the better business woman and the hotter, sexier lover to bring the other women to orgasm. Standing close, they trash-talk around this idea, becoming more and more aroused and a sexual competition was agreed very soon. The two sexy Milfs start a hot titfight contest, exchange hot kisses, bumping pussys together in standing positions, and grind their turned-on crotches together in a steamy and sensuous sexfight contest. Look at our first guest models custom tit- and sexfight contest with Champagne and Abbie (available on Southern Charms) and let us know your opinion for more future projects in this kind. Suggestions for other sexy Ladies, sponsoring and full custom videos/scenes for our member/costumer section are also welcome in this new opportunity here.

E-C-C 268 Runtime: 30min.

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E-C-C 267 "The Heat Is On"

Bitchy Jana is been looking for Marina Montana to confront her about her fighting abilities, as she is annoyed of hearing about how good she is gotten. Marina had beaten up Janas older sister in a club brawl in front of the exclusive audience and now the bitchy Milf was here to avenge her sisters defeat. So the two rivalry Erotic Adult Entertainment Bitches had some heated arguments, which escalated into a sexual competition to prove who of them was the better woman. The two blonde busty Milfs tangle back and forth, tit to tit, pulling hair and catballing also around the club floor. Each gaining the upper hand for a time, then lose control. And each uses their erotic catfight knowledge to weaken the other women with things like breast to breast boxing, strong tit squeezing bearhugs and even locked pussy to pussy grinding. Then they want reach the max result and rub their pussys over pussys until one reach the final orgasm.

E-C-C 267 Runtime: 32min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 266 "Turtleneck Lovers"

These two women had been seeing the same guy and neither one knew until they were both admired by him. So when they showed up for their catfight their old rivalry break out and they find out they must fighting each other. As soon as they match started the heat is on and the punishment begins between wild Heidi and strong Lilli in a submission match, and both are more than ready to face her big foe. They battle to the finish in a tough jeans with turtleneck catfight and many test of strength and floor rolling action.

E-C-C 266 Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus

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E-C-C 265 "Titfight Challenge VI"

As the newest part of our special titfight challenges we update this fantastic action between the big breasted and hot rivals, Sexy Mo and Danielle in full HD (1920x1080) . This time the women needs to plan their best strategy in order to get the victory in this breast to breast match where both busty milfs will be the better one to get the full ranking points of our new established titfight league. The rivalry between these two experience women with big natural tits has remained a serious matter for each of them and they step into each other chest to chest and grab each others blouses to prove once and for all who is really the superior titfighter. One wants to humiliate the other even worse than before and soon the blouses are removed, and lots of tight body to body and tit to tit struggling ensues. This is a dirty titfight between two wildcats who smash tits until only one survives and at the end of the match, each woman knows exactly what her place is currently in the female fight club.

E-C-C 265 Runtime: 34min. + 33min. Bonus

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