E-C-C 146 "Test of Strenght" Fight 1
Gina Blonde vs Evey Kristal

See our two experience, blond and sexy wildcats Gina and Evey in the first "Test of Strenght" contest here at Catfight-Corner. We will install this kind of matches for our member, so that they can send us their own suggestions and phantasies for more test of strenght matches in the future. Both women are wearing black nylons, black strings and black high heels in the first part and the rules are simple for the first challenge: They starts face to face in a body to body squeezing and tit to tit bearhug contest with sexy leg tangling before your eyes and also mean pussy bumping is allowed to bring their opponent down to the floor. In all parts the time limit is 10min. to make the points to get the overall victory at the end. The two women are wearing black nylons and black strings in the second part and the rules are simple for the second challenge: They starts on the floor and both try to bring her rival out of control with panty vs panty tribadism and pussy bumping action. In the third part they wearing black nylons and they take of their shoes and pantys in the final judgment contest and the rules are for now: to bring the other to a hot orgasm in an open pussy catfight as often she can. Who will be the first mistress of this new erotic club catfights ???

E-C-C 146 Runtime: 38min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 145 "Hungry Blondes"

Since Gina Blonde knows that her rival Evey Kristal has had a hot sexfight confrontation with the Boss Lady (Mona69), she is hungry for a woman to woman tribbing catfight to show this English "Bitch", who is the better "Blonde" sexfighter. After some short trash talking they arranged to settle it out, here and now in the girls "Catfight-Club". For anyone who loves strong and sexy legs in stockings and high heels, we can betray that this jealously lesbian catfight starts with very hot leg tangling, but it doesn't stop there. The second half had a little of a pussy bumping contest and a hot clit tribadism sexfight in which both woman tries to be on top and to show who is the better woman.

E-C-C 145 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 144 "Woman to Woman Show Down"

Sexy young woman Cherie Noir (24y.) takes on pretty mature woman Mona69 (40y.) in a "make her cum" sexfight show down. What starts as a long leg tangling hold, develops into an anything-goes erotic lesbian catfight. They pull open their pantys and squeeze their pussy lips into each other after their legs locking together in a panty vs panty cum dance. See sexy stockinged legs continually entwining in a steamy struggle. The different aged women lock up "woman to woman" and pussy to pussy for a sweaty, grinding tribadism finish with passionate sexfight action. This is a classic erotic duel in the mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law style.

E-C-C 144 Runtime: 37min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 143 "She ask for Trouble"

Young and sexy woman Cherie Noir (24y.) sit in the lounge when there is a knock on the door. It is the very attractive blond Boss Lady Mona69 (41y.) and she's not very happy since she know about the private sexfight arrangement between Cherie and Gina Blonde, here in her own business because gina is not only her friend but also her casual lover. And today she jump at the opportunity to show Cherie that she is the better lover for Gina. The only way that's going to happen is for Mona to overpower her new rival in a sexually catfighting match. But Cherie is no wimp and she's played this game before. After the first trash talking they fight each other with strong bearhugs while they leg tangling, also with sexy wedgies, nipple squeezing and other sexual holds with no limit. In the middle of the fight the action exchange from a tribbing catfight to a tribadism sexfight and the two different aged females starts an erotic contest for revenge, lust and how they could make the other woman hot to come. This is a sexfight where the better woman will win her lady-lover back.

E-C-C 143 Runtime: 38min. + 37min. Bonus

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E-C-C 142 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 46

Cherie Noir (24y.) vs Mona69 (41y.). Two of the best and most attractive sexfighters are fighting in a mature vs young women pussyfight tournament match to come up into the next round. This sexy pin catfight is very intensive and it is about winning only. This means a forced tribadism fight to the finish. The rules are simple: The better woman will win, while the sexually weaker woman will lose. Mona is a very experience and dominant woman and she is always hard to beat in a trib match, but Cherie knows for her great hardiness in a sexual contest and she is powerful, too. This match are starting with titfighting, bumping pussys and clit to clit rubbing between this attractive and different aged women for making each other wet and horny !!!

E-C-C 142 Runtime: 38min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 141 "Bianca and Mo's Sexfight Revenge"

Bianca Germany and Sexy Mo confront each other for a nude sexfight revenge. The two rivals beauties tumbling to the wall in a leggy tangle and kissing attacks follow, before they strip each other full nudity. Then they forced each other to a generous breast to breast bearhug and hot naked bodie contact excites to the point that they even resort to some pussy to pussy thrusting before on chick finally win in this steamy, sexy nude catfighting between two rough battling sexy bodies.

E-C-C 141 Runtime: 38min. + 37min. Bonus

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E-C-C 140 "Jealously Rivals"

Bianca Germany and Sexy Mo have had a lap dance contest in the Club where this both girls work tonight. And it don't take long that this two jealously rivals starts a competitive catfight with some hot, rough leg tangling and a breast squezzing titfight, to see who has the stronger legs, butt, tits and more. They are using all their sexy female weapons in this test of strenght for overpowering their rival. After a while they challenge each other to a clit to clit fuckfight, and with angry faces they start thrusting into each other. Currently they will showing the other woman who the better one would be and they also try to crush the other womans pussy to the sexual finish.

E-C-C 140 Runtime: 38min. + 37min. Bonus

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E-C-C 139 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 45

Watch Bianca Germany and Sexy Mo, two experience veterans of woman vs woman pussy grinding and bumping , in their first sexfight tournament challenge. They started with a wild and sexy wedgie catfight and they continues with a violent tit to tit bearhug contest. Both busty and strong catfighter enjoys to dominating each other by adding missionary tribadism, titfighting, forced 69 position and much more. That is the classic trib video for the sexual dominance. If you prefer hardcore fights you will love it.

E-C-C 139 Runtime: 47min. + 44min. Bonus

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E-C-C 138 "Mistress vs Wife"

Gina Blonde(31y.) the lover of Cassys(50y.) husband wanted a fight in front of his eyes to show him who is the better woman. Cassy is waiting for a long time to meet her rival and so she accept this catfight challenge gladly. Both rivals found together at Cassys home and Cassy is very surprised about Ginas very hot and sexy clothing with black knee boots and nylons but without panties. Gina request Cassy to pull her t-shirt and panties of and it starts a jealousy contrast catfight between the nude, barefoot mature wife and the younger woman in highheeled boots and nylons. They fight very dirty and mean with hard breast nipping, wild hairpulling and violent pussy squeezing in a long and hardness catfight duel over the husband and lover. And at the sweaty end the winner will dominate the loser in a hot tribadism ride to the ultimate orgasm to get the hole victory over her rival. This is another sponsored costum match at catfight-corner and for enthusiasts of contrast catfights between an older and younger women.

E-C-C 138 Runtime: 39min. + 37min. Bonus

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E-C-C 137 "The Final Settlement"

This is part 2 of their private tribadism match. Maria Belucci surprised Silke Maiden in the bedroom, to get her revenge, while Silke was sleeping with her own daydreams. Maria punishes and pushes her scary rival around to make Silke to her sexual prey today. She don't want to let her go before she would get exactly what she wanted: A real clit fight !!! Will Maria be able to win this time or will Silke fight her down again ?? This two women are doing literally everything like sexy leg tangling, titfighting, fantastic tribs and big clit tribadism to dominance her rival and bring her to more then only one forced orgasm, during this adult wrestling match.

E-C-C 137 Runtime: 35min. + 32min. Bonus

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