E-C-C 184 "Alpha Females"

Mona takes on Marina in an exiting Mom vs Mom leg tangling, titfight and sexfight match because it is Marina who starts speaking evil about Mona and the challenge begins between this two alpha females to prove it, and this can be only one !! The fight goes around the room as the ladies tangle with strong legs and as they squeeze each other on the wall. The battle runs back and forth, breast to breast and leg to leg till only one remains standing to claim her top position. Marina Montana and Mona69 fight without compromise, just attacking one another's tits in a strong bearhug contest and with a wet cunt bumping ending in a pussy trib fuck until hot orgasms.

E-C-C 184 Runtime: 34min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 183 "Passionate Club Sexfight"

Both are wearing sexy black (Sharon da Vale) and white (Lucy) boots and they started with some violent touching, nipple squeezing and breast to breast action. They have some strong holds to take control of their bodys and the powerful titfight turns them on. Rubbing each other clits, grabbing each others boobs and crotch to crotch tribbing is also a part of their passionate Club sexfight. In the second part they press their boobs together really hard and started to getting quite rough. Then take turns grinding each other on the floor, rolling around with locked cunts and at last they fuck it out with a double dildo. Seen live in Berlin. (also contains the bonus clips)

E-C-C 183 Runtime: 39min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 182 "Two Lesbian Moms in an Oiled Pantyhose Catfight"

This exercising hour gets really wet and nasty as two busty moms take each other with their big tits in a standing bearhug challenge. But soon they are both topless and hot and hungry for more. And Goddamn - as they oiled their hot breasts and their pantyhoses, too they start to smash each others breasts together before they going to the ground for a mixed of an oily boob squeezing titfight, hose ripping, leg locking catball, deep pussy in pussy riding and nylon to nylon rubbing. And this dirty mature catball sexfight is not ended until the complete exhaustion of this new lesbian friends.

E-C-C 182 Runtime: 33min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 181 "Franks Fetish Fight"

Sexy Mo and Marina Montana meet up for a seriously catfight in latex and rubber clothes. Each woman is fighting for the glory of her sexual power and there is also a little hatred in the air, to win this newest fetish costum fight. The action is intense and they both squeezing their tits hard together, mixed with the noise of latex wearing, which rub against each other. Plenty of leg tangling, bearhugs and grinding, also kissing attacks, hairpulling and perfect swollen big tits in a match with lots of raw emotion. These two can really catfight and one woman will be the difinite winner.

E-C-C 181 Runtime: 45min. + 45min. Bonus

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E-C-C 180 "Hot Pantyhose Leg Lock and Roll"

Two German Sisters in office outfits, locking up and wrestling back and forth in hot dark back seamed pantyhose. The coarse swish of the hose rubbing and hot friction will heat you up. Lots of hairpulling, hugging and rolling, panty to panty, and leg locked rolling action. This two siblings have been fighting each other since their early youth and their eternal rivalry seems to make them more ambitious to fight against each other at every opportunity, anywhere and anytime !!!

E-C-C 180 Runtime: 51min.

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E-C-C 179 "Big Tit's Collide"

A hot wild and hard buxom titfight with a great pussyfight finish between Sharon da Vale and Marina Montana. Both are one of the strongest rivals and well known in the clit grinding circle. And they are both hot and hungry for titfighting and female down and dirty catfights. Soon they are be topless and the women even rubbing each others oiled tits full together. Oh, and they are stronger than they look. One even squeezing the other tits and try to throws her down. Already excited and sweating from the sexfighting, as soon as those clits start getting grind, they go totally wild, barely able to control themselves but wanting to endure as long as possible. So they started out rough and ready to fuck each other up to the ultimate orgasm in the final part.

E-C-C 179 Runtime: 32min. + 32min Bonus

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E-C-C 178 "Rivalry Woman to Woman Sexfight"

Sexy Mo returns to the female fight club and she is wild and explosive than ever as she meets her rival Lucy for a nasty sexfight revenge with no limits. Look an awesome woman vs woman, sweaty intense body to body grinding fetish catfight with an erotic orgasm finish, when the two women go pussy to pussy in the closing tribadism contest.

E-C-C 178 Runtime: 54min.

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E-C-C 177 "Big Boobs Smashing Titfight"

Now we present this mature bitches titfight match with nipple pinching, hairpulling and breast smashing, in a battle of female rivals. Experience Marina Montana and her callenger Sexy Susi confront each other in a big breasted contest over who is the sexier, more powerfull and the true Goddess of titfighting. They have competed in the past and each wanted to prove the other, that she was the real busty titfight Queen. Both milfs are in great shape and there is no absence of energy as each woman attempts to out-crush the other nipple-to-nipple and tit-to-tit. If you are a fan of breast to breast competition and strong bearhug catfights, you will want to add this video to your collection.

E-C-C 177 Runtime: 41min. + 28min. Bonus

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E-C-C 176 "Say Goodbye to your Money"

Monica and Mona are meet up, as the houswife confroted the thief in the living room unintentionally, in this wild catball catfight in pantyhoses. The ladies get on the floor, entagling their legs and the catfight escalates into a leggy test of strenght, between this two mature women, for the stolen money. This another new costum catfight and we hope you send us your own new suggestions for future productions, too.

E-C-C 176 Runtime: 57min.

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E-C-C 175 "Catball and Grind"

Hot bare legs in a mixed of catball and nude pussy tribbing now for your fantasies. This is one of our most intensive sexfights with long rolling catball, tribadism and crotch in crotch positions. Starring: Sexy Mo vs Lucy, two lovers of dirty lesbian games. They agree to get onto the floor and see which one come out of top. It starts up as a wild nasty catball catfight and flows seamlessly into a pussy to pussy grinding contest and back to catball rolling, leg locking, scissors, tribadism...........................

E-C-C 175 Runtime: 54min.

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