E-C-C 140 "Jealously Rivals"

Bianca Germany and Sexy Mo have had a lap dance contest in the Club where this both girls work tonight. And it don't take long that this two jealously rivals starts a competitive catfight with some hot, rough leg tangling and a breast squezzing titfight, to see who has the stronger legs, butt, tits and more. They are using all their sexy female weapons in this test of strenght for overpowering their rival. After a while they challenge each other to a clit to clit fuckfight, and with angry faces they start thrusting into each other. Currently they will showing the other woman who the better one would be and they also try to crush the other womans pussy to the sexual finish.

E-C-C 140 Runtime: 38min. + 37min. Bonus

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E-C-C 139 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 45

Watch Bianca Germany and Sexy Mo, two experience veterans of woman vs woman pussy grinding and bumping , in their first sexfight tournament challenge. They started with a wild and sexy wedgie catfight and they continues with a violent tit to tit bearhug contest. Both busty and strong catfighter enjoys to dominating each other by adding missionary tribadism, titfighting, forced 69 position and much more. That is the classic trib video for the sexual dominance. If you prefer hardcore fights you will love it.

E-C-C 139 Runtime: 47min. + 44min. Bonus

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E-C-C 138 "Mistress vs Wife"

Gina Blonde(31y.) the lover of Cassys(50y.) husband wanted a fight in front of his eyes to show him who is the better woman. Cassy is waiting for a long time to meet her rival and so she accept this catfight challenge gladly. Both rivals found together at Cassys home and Cassy is very surprised about Ginas very hot and sexy clothing with black knee boots and nylons but without panties. Gina request Cassy to pull her t-shirt and panties of and it starts a jealousy contrast catfight between the nude, barefoot mature wife and the younger woman in highheeled boots and nylons. They fight very dirty and mean with hard breast nipping, wild hairpulling and violent pussy squeezing in a long and hardness catfight duel over the husband and lover. And at the sweaty end the winner will dominate the loser in a hot tribadism ride to the ultimate orgasm to get the hole victory over her rival. This is another sponsored costum match at catfight-corner and for enthusiasts of contrast catfights between an older and younger women.

E-C-C 138 Runtime: 39min. + 37min. Bonus

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E-C-C 137 "The Final Settlement"

This is part 2 of their private tribadism match. Maria Belucci surprised Silke Maiden in the bedroom, to get her revenge, while Silke was sleeping with her own daydreams. Maria punishes and pushes her scary rival around to make Silke to her sexual prey today. She don't want to let her go before she would get exactly what she wanted: A real clit fight !!! Will Maria be able to win this time or will Silke fight her down again ?? This two women are doing literally everything like sexy leg tangling, titfighting, fantastic tribs and big clit tribadism to dominance her rival and bring her to more then only one forced orgasm, during this adult wrestling match.

E-C-C 137 Runtime: 35min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 136 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 44

This is a classic tribadism match between Silke Maiden(38y.) and Maria Bellucci(34y.). The two tanglecats trib on the mat and it is very erotic and aggressive. Then it's becoming a strenght tribadism catfight and a tit squeezing lesbian fight between two real milf's. Both ladies are battlesome and willing to win this nude sexfight contest. Still their own lust is beating them up while they are losing lots of energy with any of their forced tribadism orgasms. Who will be the tribadism fight queen of this two debutants today?? This is an attraction for fans of various orgasms during a catfight and also for lover of titfighting mature women.

E-C-C 136 Runtime: 45min. + 40min. Bonus

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E-C-C 135 "The Great Pleasure"

The two busty newcomer Maria Bellucci (black hair) and Silke Maiden (red hair) comes together to an equally erotic contest and sexfight. Both women wearing black and white fish net stockings what's really looks hot. Maria makes the first step towards the sexfight but Silke does not hold back for long. They starts fighting at the wall with strong legs and sexy butts, tangling to the floor and finish it on the bed. Also they trying to bring each other to as many orgasms they can without leaving the sexy breast and pussy fight action. The first tribadism contest of this two newbies are very erotic and include also hot titfighting action and passionate kisses.

E-C-C 135 Runtime: 36min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 134 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 43

A female catfight and sexbattle between Nikki Rider and Yvette Costeau. Who's the stronger women?? Soon both women are naked with their hot bodies and they know that only one can win this hardbody female sexfighting contest. The best way would be to dominate the opponent as often as possible, or to having her helpless under control. Both women are adult sex experts and they definitaly know what the other woman wants and what she need. This is an awesome wet catfight, sexfight and trib fight with lot of wet orgasms. Enjoy this pussy fight contest and view who will be the winner at the very end.

E-C-C 134 Runtime: 44min. + 43min. Bonus

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E-C-C 133 "Sticky Tribadism Fight"

This is the continuation of their first sexfight. Both hot and wild Hungarian woman accept this rematch after some dirty trashtalking, to see who is the stronger and better one !!! Blonde Jenna Jane trys to dominating Nikki Rider in a sexy catfight but she has got to admit that Nikki is able to fight back more than she had expected. Who can turn the table first ??? The two woman enjoy their pussy bumping and tribadism fight, till one of them cums sweaty. And this is not the end. See many of forced orgasms in a tit squeezing sexual contest and find out who will win with a sexual knockout this time.

E-C-C 133 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 132 "The Rules of Dirty Lesbian Wrestling"

This is a "classic" dirty lesbian wrestling match between two old girlfriends and business rivals. Both women fights very aggressive before their trib fight begins. The older woman, blonde Jenna Jane (36y.) is setting the pace in this sexfight match but the younger one, Nikki Rider (30y.) has got more staying and sexual power. As Jenna realises that she could lose, the real lesbian sexfight is on and it's becoming an aggressive tribadism match to the finish. Who's going to be the sexually better women?? The experience or the younger one?? This erotic contest shows also wedgies while catfighting, tit to tit bearhugs, missionary tribadism, tongue kissing and a long grinding crotch battle.

E-C-C 132 Runtime: 33min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 131 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 42

We have previously agreed this sponsoring match between Nikki Rider and Jenna Jane, two girls of the adult film circle. The rules are simple: They must be nude and in the first round Jenna starts this sexfight contest in the top position to rubbing and grinding, rough or sensual, Nikkis pussy and to control her. After 5 min. they must changed positions and Nikki are now on top. The two female rivals must try to bring the other to wet orgasms as often as possible in this long ride. In round two you can see a sweaty and oily titfight contest between this two big breast lesbians. And after the first three rounds it was a dead heat because both women have the same number of points and so you can see the ultimate decision now.

E-C-C 131 Runtime: 44min. + 43min. Bonus

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