E-C-C 346 "Stay Away From My Girls"

It is not uncommon that Gina Blonde wins most of her dirty sexfights because that woman is a real natural born fuckfighter. And Manu the slut is at it again! Previously in the female fight club she had raised the ire Gina by hang about her territory. Both have fought many times against each other but most of their matches were in the past. They battle dirty, fall to the ground and start to wrestle rolling around with their hands grabbing each others butt, and then Manu and Gina link up woman to woman for the tribadism grinding final !

E-C-C 346 Runtime: 35min. + 34min.

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E-C-C 345 "The Fight For Supremacy"

Dacada shows erotic catfight veteran Sexy Susi no respect, acting as if she do not even know who she is. And this pisses Susi off quite severely, leading to a dirty showdown in the club rooms. And if Dacada thought that the buxom Susi is not a strong game, she would be wrong! It is difficult to say, who will win this battle, because these two mature beauties manage to truly hit each other with firm breast to breast attacks and dirty sexfight tactics. The contest is a sensuous but determined, right up to a no-limits sexfight. Both doing their best to exhaust each other by kissing, body on body thrusting, pussy on pussy grinding, fingering pussy and a lustful tribadism sexfight. But at the very end they use the double ended dildo to fight out the bonus prize. Boss Lady Marina Montana in a next struggle for supremacy!!

E-C-C 345 Runtime: 38min. + 33min.

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E-C-C 344 "Big Busty Slugfest"

This is a steamy battle of different aged but determined buxom beauties, with the added incentive that the winner of this contest will be the new or old Boss Lady for the moment until the cards are shuffled new. Both big busty women are wearing sexy outfits with heels and nylons. Soon the arguments with verbal aggression turns into a titfight because both gets very angry and collide violently. Pushing around and pinning each other huge tits heats them for more. So they expose their juicy breasts and go on trying to dominate the other. And the breasts themselves become the weapons in this erotic duel. It is one hell of a competition rivalry as these two big butt milfs roll around back and forth, utilizing their strong thighs to scissor, and lock the other. And both titfight warriors use also heavy breast to breast punches to destroy each other voluptuous tits to become the ultimate alpha bitch.

E-C-C 344 Runtime: 36min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 343 "Catfight for Cash"

Two different aged bisexual UK women, Charmaine Sinclair(49y.) the big busty and sexy Boss Lady vs the young dirty employees bitch Loula(25y.), in an awesome catfight for the withheld wages. But Charmaine and Loulas quarrel previously escalated before as young Loula challenges Charmaines authority and a struggle for power evolves into a dirty feud in no time at all. So Charmaine decides there is only one way to settle this: a test of strength catfight with an open end ! The two women square off face to face, glaring at each other, eyes ablaze with contempt as the two start battling back and forth with strong finger lock and bear hug contests. Then they stripping of their tops off each other to expose their tits and cunts, for more erotic based attacks, exactly the way like both women wanted it! They moan as the Boss Lady squeezing her big tits against Loulas firm chest. Loula finally realizes that she must learn to fight dirty in order to win and her eyes glazed over, as bodies tangled together on the floor.

E-C-C 343 Runtime: 45min. + 44min.

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E-C-C 342 "Sexy Butts and Strong Legs"

Katharina is extra pissed off because Jessy defeated her in their first office confrontation. Therefore Katharina proposes a officially rematch. Today. And in the female fight club. They starts fighting with a lot of wedgie action and pulls their panties up from the back (by members request) which highlights their gorgeous asses. And both women doing their best to exhaust each other. See another competitive catty submission encounter between the sexy curvy rivals Jessy and Katharina in intensive standing back and forth action and also to dominate the other with powerful leg straddling and scissoring moves on the floor.

E-C-C 342 Runtime: 35min. + 34min.

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E-C-C 341 "Unexpected Encounter"

In her youthful time, Gina Blonde and Manu learn to kick butt in competitive encounters. They have fought in a forest, in a girls locker room, in the street and over a guy until they lost sight of each other after their school days. But the desire for revenge remained forever. And today as they are meet alone fortuitously after many years, they close firmly the door to not be disturbed in a challenge for a truly anything goes erotic catfight, where these two getting a chance to kiss, squeezing, rubbing their bodys, tits and crotches together and just generally excite each other, what starts early and escalates in a cunt mashing sex fight. And they are still love to fight like two slut bitches. Even as mature adult women. This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email to [email protected]

E-C-C 341 Runtime: 35min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 340 "The Cheating Bitch"

The jealousy fight starts with the deceitful mistress Sexy Mo in black leather boots and nylons vs blonde big bosom wife Marina Montana, only in panties and barefoot. They have done an agreement on the phone to battle because Sexy Mo fucks with Marinas husband, what ends up in a fierce catfight, that sees one of these two ardent women thoroughly humiliated in quite an erotic battle at the end. Both feel superior and go straight to the point. It is a fight to the finish, as both ladies starts to battle viciously with weapons and then try to prove more sexual superiority in the same type of way! Watch a storyline custom catfight over a man, that rages and ends up downright dirty before it is over!

E-C-C 340 Runtime: 27min. + 18min.

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E-C-C 339 "UK Mature Queen Bee"

Lucy Gresty and Charmaine Sinclair decide to challenge each other to a tit fight and sex fight competition, to prove who of them is more slutty to earn the current "UK Queen Bee" title. Right away the battle gets started and both busty milfs have every intent to beat the other. They take their blouses off and determine to crash straight into it. Charmaine and Lucy push and squeeze each others tits until the double dildo is brought out to drive into their wet pussys. The room is filled now with their moans and gasps before they link up woman to woman and pussy to pussy to grind against each other, until the final victory for one of these dirty experience women!

E-C-C 339 Runtime: 39min. + 33min.

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E-C-C 338 "Wild Lover Rivals"

Jessy and Gina Blonde are rivals going back years. When they meet up at a convention and find they have the same lover, the decision has been made and no other possibilities are available. Within seconds of their stare down, they simultaneously wrap their arms around one another and bear hug each other to exhaustion with bodys pressed together showing faces pained from the effort. One of them must leave and if it takes a dirty catfight to decide the winner, so be it. Then the jealousy conflict of the girls goes into a nasty clash, where one girl try defeat the other in a very close body to body battle and they are not scared to squeeze their bodies hard together. Their blouses come off and its time to see who have the strongest legs and the juiciest pussy before the crotch grinding gets into an all out sex fight.

E-C-C 338 Runtime: 34min. + 33min.

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E-C-C 337 "Titfight Challenge XVII"

Queen-Bee Marina Montana and busty blonde Jana go at it again as it is clear that their differences were not settled in their earlier matches. So they clash together in an agreed breast battle which features tactics such finger locks, tit to tit squeezing, breast attacks and a special test of strength. And their clashs have some history because they have tangled quite a few times before and often with some sexual elements thrown in. And now the stakes are high. It is a simple matter of topless titfighting with the loser falling down in the "Titfight Ranking". And it is the prelude to a steamy, persevering breast duel between two sexy milfs with no limits, but plenty of tit to tit pushing and squeezing.

E-C-C 337 Runtime: 34min. + 35min.

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