E-C-C 384 "Struggle of the Voluptuous Sluts"

The younger voluptuous women Ashley Cum and Zara Mendez meet in the female fight club arguing about who has the first right to challenge one of the big busty and experienced Milfs. And what happens when there is one opportunity, but two bitches want it? Well, naturally things get catlike and these women have an erotic contest right then and there! The strong-thighed, big-butt ladies show how much they enjoys some intense-fought women to women action while they are fighting with tit squeezing and full body embracing, leg tangling in the standing position and some hot trib action at the end. Which aspiring younger bitch comes in the shortlist to challenge the very expeirenced Marina Montana?

E-C-C 384 Runtime: 31min. + 30min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 383 "Queen-Bee vs Alpha Female"

Dacada did not like the way Marina Montana defeat her friend Nina Vegas and she is here to even the score. And Marina is determined to not let Dacada beat her. It would be completely devastating to her but Dacada, on the other hand, is ready to make a name for herself in the erotic catfight world so she must do her best to win this match! "I will soon sort you out" were Dacadas last words before it started. The two match up in size to crushing each others tits in strong bearug conetsts and boxing them hard together. But the action turns when they find themself on the mat in a more ambitious floor rolling contest to be the one on top. The things get hotter with every new match and it seems the fight of a lifetime. Will current Queen-Bee Marina Montana seize the opportunity? Or will the towering Dacada take home the win? Watching is the only way to find out.

E-C-C 383 Runtime: 34min. + 33min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 382 "Titfight Challenge XXVI"

Voluptuous Zara Mendez first tit fight opponent in the club challenges series is none other than the experience and emerging extremely busty Milf Krizzi! Unsatisfied with the outcome of their earlier matches, they decide to set an official titfight challenge in the female fight club, this one revolving around the question of whose tits are really better today. The match gets pretty grueling as they share strong body on body action in the standing and kneeling positions and on the mat, while they exchange tit smothers and heavy breast squeezing. Watch a battle of powerful butts, legs and breasts and in the end one woman is ready for submission, and the winner conquered the throne chair and the ranking points.

E-C-C 382 Runtime: 37min. + 37min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 381 "Busty Amazones"

Dacada is no ordinary woman! She is a savage Milf coming to make you worship her! And yes, she could really become the new Queen-Bee in the female fight club. And today she meet Julia, this time officially, on the mat wearing sexy bikinis and they are ready to test their sexy bodies and big tits against each other in a hot erotic catfight match. Both like bear hugs and so they wrap their strong arms around the other simultaneously squeezing while bringing their opponents body close. Then they battle across the mats and the result could go either way. They stripping down to full nudity to rub each others pussies and trib with their thighs and pussies, and neither wanting to concede to the other till one get tired and must give up with a sore body.

E-C-C 381 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 380 "Titfight Challenge XXV"

This is an extraordinary titfight match between two equal lush and big busty MILFS. Dressed in sexy nylons and lingerie they take advantage of their oversized breasts and try to dominate the other. The two older ladies take an argument that the winner deserves a climb inside the female titfight league and the loser not. Watch as they lock their heavy tits to decide who should be promoted. Means we can watch a grueling and persistent breast battle between two women who are still eager to win and dont want to loose the taste of victory today. This is an all out sweat drenched female war, where Krizzi tries to use her titfight experience to trap the strong blonde Sandy in bearhug holds and then full squeezing her big boobs against hers. But Sandy fights back and shows Krizzi that she is still fully in juice.

E-C-C 380 Runtime: 38min. + 37min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 379 "Fight for Control"

This is an awesome erotic catfight match between the sexy younger bitch Jessy and her big breasted opponent Milf Dacada. Because Dacada is convinced that she will beat Jessy today, to prove that from now on she is higher in rank in the fighting womens gang, so she provoked her for another match, promptly accepted by her opponent. Soon both women are heated up and counter attacking from one moment to the other. They like it very rough and both play dirty in this erotic catfighting encounter. So the two gang bitches slug it out, back and forth until they grinding and rubbing clit on clit and using hot tribbing to defeat the opponent by bringing her to orgasm. Why? Because they like it! One will win, flexing in victory of their defeated rival, but will it be younger Jessy or the experienced busty Milf Dacada who comes out victorious in this erotic fantasy catfight with its own rules?

E-C-C 379 Runtime: 41min. + 40min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 378 "Mighty Weapons"

Younger buxom and aspiring Ashley Cum demands that one of the established mature leader sign the contracts so that she get her won prize money. But Krizzi, one of the established and experienced women, of course says no, so Ashley wants to fight for her right. And tough girl Ashley has never faced a Milf before with such strong breasts and feminine strength like Krizzi has and so it acts like one love-hate relationship where two different aged bitches seeking to defeat and crush body parts from the boobs to the crotches! The advantage go back and forth as they used their lush breasts as weapons in an erotic contest before they spread there legs for an intense crotch to crotch grinding decision competition.

E-C-C 378 Runtime: 35min. + 35min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 377 "Titfight Challenge XXIV"

These two big busty Milfs have come together before. Things are steaming hot , but this time they go all out. Sexy Susi being a horny Milf who loves to compare with busty females and she is ready join the titfight league now. And of course Susi is confident that her big fabulous natural boobs are strong enough to take busty Melina down but unfortunately she is not aware of just how well Melina can stand. The two hot Ladys are not the toughest but for sure some sexy and sensual women who do another titfight contest in the new club room. And these hot and milky breast battle showdown between this two porn stars has already generated a fair amount of jealousies between them and now the two rivals must get down and dirty for the other club female fighters and endure the heat. They stare each other down very intensive and both trying to dominate each other with their boobs. And neither of these proud vixens wants to taste defeat, let alone get down on her knees.

E-C-C 377 Runtime: 35min. + 29min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 376 "European Sexfight Queen"

The super hot English Milf Charmaine Sinclair and the super sexy German Milf Dacada were so popular, our customers demanded a rematch. So we had the huge busted female fighters do it again for a final decision competition to see who is the current European Sexfight Queen. They started to stare at each other with hot looks, tangle with their sexy bodys to grappling for control, dominance and pleasure and the ladies decide to let their breasts and pussys fight it out to see who has really the greater sexual power. Big tits, hot butts and a lesbian cat fight. What more can you expect. The erotic chemistry between these two women is unmistakable with very much hot body on body grinding and all topped off with a final tribadism contest!

E-C-C 376 Runtime: 35min. + 34min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 375 "Titfight Challenge XXIII"

In this classic custom titfight clash, Nina Vegas is pissed that Marina Montana do not stop texting the other Ladys in the female fight club, that she thinks that Nina is just a weak little bitch! Nina wants vengeance and she gets it! So the verbal war escalates into a physical one. Watch Marina the very hot Milf with a sexy female body and a will to dominate and a big desire to win, versus Nina, the much younger woman which is not less hot with her pronounced feminine curves and always ready to smothering her rivals. Both was eager to teach the other big busty bitch some of her very dirty titfighting tricks. The busty rivals start in the standing position with a titfight test of strength then get to the ground where they lock up in breast on breast squeezing and then get back up again to continue the fight. And these two different aged big busty amazons go right at it, looking to dominate and humiliate the other. Means a chance for them to let off steam, sort out issues and settle things like real women.

E-C-C 375 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus (2Cam)

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