E-C-C 372 "The New Fight Room"

Shocked at seeing her friend Krizzi easily defeated, Melina is angry! She wants revenge and she is determined to make Sexy Susi pay! They decide to settle their problem by having an official erotic contest in the female fight club and when the rival is a very naughty bitch, you have to act out and prove that you are the real mistress. Thats exactly what Sexy Susi and Melina are doing by engaging in a dirty catfight. Anger quickly turns to lust of tribadism, and intense tit to tit squeezing in this struggle for female supremacy where their big tits and wet crotches rise along with tempers as these two fighting cats find that they can not and wont not hold back what drive them to a final orgasm contest in a hot encounter of the female fight club.

E-C-C 372 Runtime: 31min. + 31min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 371 "Titfight Challenge XXII"

Marina Montana and Sexy Mo have been waiting for this showdown a long time because these different ages vixens are in the same female fight club and simply can not stand each other. And they are aware that it come down to the fight decision to get rid of one, to get the sole supremacy. So they arrange a dirty and ambitious breast tit fight contest and they agree that the stakes will be high and the loser will be out of the business. They are rubbing their tits hard up and down and squeezing and grinding them down to submission and oiling the breasts is also allowed. Do not underestimate this rivalry. Both of them are wild to destroy the other. And while they stand Face to face they have to keep their breasts together as hard as possible. This custom video with two of the most experience bitches was filmed in the early past.

E-C-C 371 Runtime: 35min. + 35min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 370 "Office Milfs"

To discipline defiant rivals is something that office head Krizzi enjoy. And of course too, to see Sandys face when she explaining to her that she needed to be subordinate. But voluptuous Sandy has more courage and attitude than what Krizzi had probably expect. And combined with her big boobs and strong legs, she can also dish out some punishment. These big busty MILFs are hot and face each other now with only one rule: They are not stop before the other getting down. What follows is a lot of verbal aggression, hair pulling and breast attacks until it comes to a crotch to crotch scissoring and pussy to pussy grinding contest in a ambitious fuck fight for victory.

E-C-C 370 Runtime: 36min. + 33min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 369 "Horny Counterparts"

We have always enjoyed watching a younger feisty woman tackle a very powerful and experience MILF. And it is very rare to see Dacada lose a competitive erotic match, like Ashley Cum knows she is as good as any of the other bitches and she thinks she is better at an awful lot of other things. Both are spirited busty wildcats and so it is no one sided affair. It did not take long, and just a wrong word turns it into a tit- and sex fight. And both are hot nasty vixens and they just get wilder and wilder in these dirty fuck fight, grappling across every square inch of the room with tit squeezing, intense pussy rubbing and pussy grinding like two real horny counterparts in a supremacy orgasm duel.

E-C-C 369 Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 368 "Slutty Bitch Brawl"

This specially commissioned requested erotic catfight present two busty bitches in personal trouble. Both of them think that the other is a slut and that they are stealing each other the sexual preferences from the customers and the principals. They agree to settle their problems with a sexual contest, which starts out with a fierce tit fight and that changes to a winner takes all sex fight at the very end. Sexy Susi, the more experienced one, showing off her bare pussy and awesome butt as she meets up with Melina Flowers wearing also no panties to be ready at all times. And Melina has great ambition to be the new darling of the guys. Most of the clothing come off their hot bodies revealing their big tits, strong legs and sexy butts. They test each other with lots of dirty looks, breast boxing and tit to tit squeezing and they teaches each other a lesson they wont not forget soon! Watch crotch pulling and rubbing, and other nasty tactics between two hot and busty Milfs that like to win and refuse to give up.

E-C-C 368 Runtime: 35min. + 34min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 367 "Titfight Challenge XXI"

English busty bitch, Lucy Gresty, goes up against German busty whore, Marina Montana and they starts both dressed in blouses, panties, suspender belts and sexy stockings. You can see the rivalry from the very start as Marina shows Lucy the envelope of John, the generous sponsor and long-term member of our website, with the prize money in as reward for the winner of their titfight challenge. Two voluptuous blonde MILFs with gorgeous bodies and great skills to defeat goes head to head,tit to tit and the strong body scissors brings them to trembling. A Custom video from the recent past with a sight to inspire a question: who is your favorite woman?

E-C-C 367 Runtime: 38min. + 33min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 366 "Nasty Domination"

Rival roomate Claudia and the hot slut boss Aleksandra have a big problem. Both want to be the only dominator of an other lesbian whore. So the two fetish bitches solves their problem by putting a sexfight with a special prize. As the duel heats up they discovered crotch grabbing, pussy grinding, tit squeezing and hair pulling as dirty tactic. And tactics that Claudia has used to dominate much larger and stronger opponents just do not work on Aleksandra, who seems to be able to do just about whatever she wants to the frustrated blond. The Alpha Domme in Aleksandra comes to the surface as she stands in front of her erotic prey ultimately taking what what is hers! If you know amateur/private women who want to try it out too in erotic role play matches, please let us know.

E-C-C 366 Runtime: 35min.

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E-C-C 365 "Naughty Bitch"

Sexy mature porn star Krizzi and proud hot porn girl Zara Mendez had a discussion on backstage, where Krizzy claims that Zara is a naughty bitch, so they are agree to use that anger because they are ready for their first big fight to settle the things! And an erotic catfight match between two different aged women is in general something special and these busty bitches want more: A titfight beginning in hot nylons, with some full body embracing contests, sexy leg tangling and later on with pussy to pussy rubbing. They are evenly matched regarding size and hight with strong voluptuous bodies and the fight goes back and forth while both beauties try to dominate each other. Both warriors getting the opportunity to use their big weapons and to prove how dominant each can be before the crotch on crotch contest begins.

E-C-C 365 Runtime: 34min. + 32min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 364 "Hot and Horny Rivalry"

Dacada is one of the current queen bees at the female fight club where she is present regularly at the weekends. As experience, fit and generally hot wife, she gets all the attention from other club member and clients. And Jessy is pissed that Dacada been texting with her longstanding clients. Dacada denies it, leading to a slew of insults causing a massive catfight! The violence erupts in standing leg tangling, body to body squeezing, and firm butt grabbing, as these two women entwined themselves and wrestling for domination. Then they pound each others pussies and Dacada throws some hard punches but Jessy will not give up. She quickly regains control and gives Dacadas slippery wet pussy a good counterattack with a pussy-grinding trib to top it all off. Who will dominate? And who wins out in this intensiv battle of club rivals?

E-C-C 364 Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 363 "Titfight Challenge XX"

Lovely Milf Dacada brags with her big boobs in front of the husbands while Marina Montana watch her unnoticed. They accost one another alone in the living room and the voluptuous Marina contradicts her. So Dacada decides to invite her to a titfight competition in the abandoned party room, to prove who of them is more slutty - and earn both husbands. Marinas tits are bigger than Dacadas breasts but Dacada is feisty and willing to take on the challenge with Marina. Soon the tifight challenge between them escalates and they pushes their big boobs together as hard as possible to settle the question: who is the current boss lady?

E-C-C 363 Runtime: 33min. + 32min. Bonus (2Cam)

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