E-C-C 174 "Hot Milfs Battle for the Leadership"

When two leading females want to get the upper hand against her big busted rival, they choose something special: A strap-on fuckfight. And we let them fight in black latex, one with boots and the other with high heels. Who will win this award fight ? Starring with Janina Sommer vs Sharon da Vale. Just sit back and enjoy.

E-C-C 174 Runtime: 33min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 173 "Secret Sluts are Everywhere"

Susi and Marina have the same business idea and they are not happy with each other. They start bitch talking and proceed to a test of strenght with their big tits. But this is only the warmup for these two, because they then agree to get into an orgasm catfight and see which one comes out on top in a hot pussy to pussy grinding contest. Both mature moms give their all in this tough trib duel that also contain titfighting and leg rolling on the floor and no one will accept a draw today.

E-C-C 173 Runtime: 35min. + 34 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 172 "Dig Up the Hatchet"

Katharina was very pissed at her catfighting rival with the big tits, Mo and wanted to go back for a pantyhose catfight, one more time. With no love lost to destroy each other, they started a sexy hairpulling catfight. For 60 minutes, these women with hot legs, battle it out again. Great catballing and lots of rough and violent leg rolling as these two females go at it like cats and it get so heated that toward the end of the extremely aggressive catfight, everything breaks out and the two tangling hellcats try to dominate the other and there is on stopping them. We hope you like the hot dirty catball action in pantyhoses. Many thanks to the costumer and more different erotic style catballs coming soon.

E-C-C 172 Runtime: 62min.

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E-C-C 171 "The Misplaced Panties"

An erotic titfight and grinding sexfight between two large breasted woman. Starring with the glorious Sharon da Vale and the great blonde Marina Montana. This is a milf vs milf sexfight without any regulation. These two sexy females trying to knuckle down each other to find out, who is the best in a nude titfighting match. And these two experience woman are hot and sexy, showing their big boobs in this exciting sexfight challenge to win the panties of the rival.

E-C-C 171 Runtime: 36min. + 28 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 170 "Matures Looking for Trouble"

The "Catfight Lady" Mona meets a challenge with a privat rival in the neighborhood. After her friendly female neighbor has found out, that her husband loves Monas very sexy catfight, and discovered one video of her husbands privat laptop, she was very anger and turned to talk Mona. After a short discussion they agreed a private sexfight in the living room of the rival. The extrem mature catfight starts in the afternoon, with passionate leg tangling in nylons, turn on erotic wrestling and pussy rubbing until one woman has to give in. Two mature woman go at it in a private lesbian catfight.

E-C-C 170 Runtime: 36min. + 34 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 169 "Dancers Pantyhose Catfight"

Katharina and Sexy Mo, two crazy woman, who meet inside a locker room of a dancing school where they accidentally find out to have been both engaged !!! And since one of them is too much, also because of their old rivalry and jealosuly, they do a terrific catball pantyhosed legs floor rolling intertwined legs and locked bodies catfight, with great violence, fury, and vicious action . This is our newest costum catball match in full pantyhoses. If you like it, please send us your suggestions for more of this action in the future.

E-C-C 169 Runtime: 57min.

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E-C-C 168 "Give In"

The self-proclaimed "Sexiest Woman in Titfights and Tribfights" Sharon da Vale squares off against the best newcomer Lucy in her 2nd woman to woman catfight. Means a blonde on blonde action bitchfight. Sharon has the cheek to ask Lucy for a revenge and to submit her this time. Lucy replies "Fuck Off" and an incredibly intensive fight which includes titfighting, kissing, pussy grinding takes on the ladies fancy. Can Sharon come back to win ??

E-C-C 168 Runtime: 37min. + 36 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 167 "Maid vs Mrs."

The Mrs. accuses the Maid to have played footsie under table with her husband, so after a lot insults they push, pull and fall tangled onto the floor and a nasty and emotion catfight breaks out and only stop when one bring her rival to the total exhaustion. Their catballing bodies rolling back and forth with entwined, tangled legs and they show wild hair-pulling, with intense finger lock holds and it looks also that way, like one would strangle the other. See a long, mean hot pantyhose catfight and who want to win !!! This is another custom catball catfight and we hope you like it, too.

E-C-C 167 Runtime: 55min.

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E-C-C 166 "Roughness Milfs Smash Together"

Two ladies with huge tits, fighting in the changing room, using their tits as weapons and they have big weapons for sure. "I'm challenge you, woman to woman, tit to tit, my pussy against yours in a roughness struggle, right here" shouted blond busty Sharon, after busty Janina spotted the dress of her. One provocation to which it had long been applied Janina. And she replied "Since no one's around and it's yust you and me, let's make this a topless titfight if you're woman enough to put your tit's against mine and also our pussies are not off limits". After introduction the fight goes backward and forward while they smash their hug tits together in steamy embracing positions. They began to circle around and now Sharon replied "Take your panties off, bitch, and i'll out titfighting and out fuck you". And Janina returns "Yes, you fucking bitch, twat to twat. Now !!!" Both milfs have got big tits and hot pussys and certainly they knows how to use them. See a great combined titfight and sexfight contest between two experience mature ladies.

E-C-C 166 Runtime: 45min.

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E-C-C 165 "Catfight meets Sexfight"

What happens when two dislikeable, powerful women live in the same neighborhood (Katharina the strong catfighter and Sexy Mo the fierced sexfighter) ?? Both want to destroy the other with their own dirty tactics !! Even more as Sexy Mo hear about the fight of Katharina and her son. So it cames like it must come. Some hot day the two ladies meet in the staircase and no one will let pass her hateful neighbor. They are having soon a powerful test of strenght with firm fingerlooks, merciless embracing, full hairpulling, name calling, grabbing and groaning catfight, right in the public stairway to wear the another down.... but there are two ways two settle it out. The second part continue in the apartment of Katharina where the two strong ladies step up their contest and try as hard as possible to squeeze entangled legs together until they scream in pain. And suddenly they are in a full contact lesbian catfight, bumping and grinding their crotches in panties together while they rolling back and forth to breaking the hell out of each other.

E-C-C 165 Runtime: 30min. + 29min. Bonus

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