E-C-C 080 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 22

See two blond combatants in a different aged tribadism catfight. Mona 69 and Jenna Jane locking their bodies hard together in a sexy and hot erotic contest to get your vote. This sexfighting women turn on each other to see who is the better one.

E-C-C 080 Runtime: 44 min. + 43 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 079 "Erotic Catfight Lesson"

A very hot encounter between the coaching Ela and the novice Lindsay. In their first matchup they starting in the fetish room with a long and steamy crotch to crotch tribadism catfight. Can the experience Hot Ela give the young newcomer Lindsay a lesson?

E-C-C 079 Runtime: 47 min. + 47 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 078 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 21

A spectacular sexfight to the finish between Hot Ela and Lindsay Love. This two wildcats mince no words and waste no time to pull hairs and slapp breasts in this hot different aged catfight action.

E-C-C 078 Runtime: 45 min. + 45 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 077 "Without Compromise"

This is the first sexfight showdown of two blonde and busty catfight beauties. The rivalry comes naturally between hot mature Mona69 and sexy milf Jenna Jane and they waste no time to testing each other's erotic power. The hot and wild smackdown turn on soon into an erotic titfight and sexfight contest.

E-C-C 077 Runtime: 44 min. + 39 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 076 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 20

See our number one fighter Hot Ela vs the best newcomer of 2008 Vanessa Cool in their first erotic catfight and sexfight match. It is an intensiv crotch to crotch contest with wild pussy grinding action and leg tangling inclusive tribadism at its best between this two hot matures and experience women !!!

E-C-C 076 Runtime: 45 min. + 44 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 075 "Hot Reception"

Vanessa Cool and Hot Ela, two experience and professionel erotic catfight women creeping each other around the barroom and the mature beauties rip and claw their way through a sexfight on the barroom floor. In the heat of the fight they show their passions and soon they rubbing their strong bodys together. But that is not the end!!! The two women find themselve soon with a big double dildo in deep and intensely sexual fuckfight action. A must for all fans of mature women in erotic lesbian sexfight adventures!!!

E-C-C 075 Runtime: 31 min. + 22 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 074 "Bash In"

Busty beauty Vanessa Cool and strong Hot Ela fight again. Both women have been forced out their clothes and battle with crushing bearhugs and full body pins. The surprise cames at the end of this erotic catfight when the winning girl will declare her domination with a big strap-on to the loser.

E-C-C 074 Runtime: 37 min. + 22 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 073 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 19

Watch Bianca Germany vs Yvette Costeau in an erotic catfight to see who will be the best sexfighter on the net. This is one of the hottest and most realistic erotic tournament fights and a must-have for all fans of this series.

E-C-C 073 Runtime: 43 min. + 43 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 072 "Fight of Honour"

An erotic catfight showdown between blonde Bianca Germany and her rival Yvette Costeau. Both girls started full dressed into this private contest with no limits to the finish. They striped nude and locked there pussy lips together, then retire to the bed for some serious sexfighting with wet crotch grinding to the point of drained orgasmus. Finally they fuck-fight each other with a big double dildo, women to women, to find out who wins the erotic victory!!!

E-C-C 072 Runtime: 29 min. + 29 min. Bonus

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E-C-C 071 "Captivated Love"

Where are two sex-starved women to go when they want to have an extraordinary sexfight? Well, Yvette Costeau and Bianca Germany found the perfect place. They get-together in a fetish club to fight it out until one girl ends up to get the strap-on deep inside from the winner!! But first it's time for some erotic experimentation. Both catfighter will be tied together before the grinding potpourri starts with standing positions and legs between legs. The two violent combantants continue this erotic sexfight contest with pressing their pussys deep and hard against each other to win versus her female rival.

E-C-C 071 Runtime: 31 min. + 29 min. Bonus

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