E-C-C 060 "Sexfight Tournament" - Fight 13

Some very hot and sexy action between our two hellcats Barbara Devil and Hot Ela in there first sexfight tournament match. See more fast action and wild tangle to get your attention and vote for your favorite girl. And if you are intrested to see this tournament fights at a "Live Event" in March 09 send us a mail using our contact form for more information.

E-C-C 060 Runtime: 43min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 059 "Ground Control"

Vicky get the order to dominate and control Bianca in a sexfight challenge from one of our costumers. Here you can see the outcome. Can Vicky beat her down and what kind of sexual technique will she use to bring her to a forced orgasmus?? If you are also intrested about a costum match please send us a mail and using our contact form for more information.

E-C-C 059 Runtime: 43min. + 41min. Bonus

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E-C-C 058 "Hot Devils"

Barbara, the new devilish girl in town and experience Hot Ela fight it out like hot devils. This generation clash was provoketed from both women and so they agree to fight it out in a privat women vs girl match. "I can beat every old whore in town" shouts Barbara and Ela crys back "Try it, you little dirty baby, and we will see what you can give or get".

E-C-C 058 Runtime: 41min. + 38min. Bonus

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E-C-C 057 "After Work Games"

Bianca Germany and Suzi-Anne stay together at the bar after work and play dice for a money wager. Suzi-Anne lose the game but she is a bad underdog and so Bianca gave her the chance to win her money back. "Double or nothing for the winner in a fight women to women if you want, baby" say Bianca. "Thats the deal" shout Suzi-Anne back and a classic catfight matchup as the two ladies challenge each other and it ends in a very erotic and fetish sexfight.

E-C-C 057 Runtime: 43min. + 41min. Bonus

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E-C-C 056 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 12

See hot newcomer Kitty de Luxe vs the strong and sexy Yvette Costeau in a body to body clashed four round sexfight with all kind of dirty tactics. They grinding their wet pussys and hot butts together to get your vote.

E-C-C 056 Runtime: 44min. + 44min. Bonus

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E-C-C 055 "Bad Blood"

"Everything she says is just rubbish" tells Vicky after her lost fight against July. So it gets a lot of bad blood between this two belly dancers and July arrived back after her last victory to give Vicky a nasty surprise.

E-C-C 055 Runtime: 34min. + 30min. Bonus

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E-C-C 054 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 11

Newcomer Suzi vs Bianca Germany in a four round sexfight challenge with over 40 min. of hot action. Let's rumble and vote for your favorite erotic fighter.

E-C-C 054 Runtime: 45min. + 44min. Bonus

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E-C-C 053 "Business Rivals"

Yvette was mad about the new girl Kitty and she told her that "it is not your job to hold me up". "Then give me a proof of your quality" Kitty shouts back and a furios fight started between this two new rivals. Both women fights to dominate the other in this dirty business brawl.

E-C-C 053 Runtime: 41min. + 38min. Bonus

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E-C-C 052 "Sexfight Tournamemt" Fight 10

See Hot Ela vs Bianca Germany, two of our top three fighters, in a wild and dirty sexfight. The winner will be the number one in our sexfight champion league for the summer. They fight in all positions like sixtynine, grinding trib and clitfighting to get your vote. So vote now for your favorite Girl!!!

E-C-C 052 Runtime: 43min. + 42min. Bonus

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E-C-C 051 "Sexfight Tournamemt" Fight 9

See sexy Vicky W. vs the blond newcomer July Diamond in a busty sexfight challenge. They lock up pussy to pussy, breast to breast and grinding their clits stroke for stroke together to get your vote!!! Who is your favourite girl?

E-C-C 051 Runtime: 40min. + 40min. Bonus

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