E-C-C 210 "He's Mine"

Janina found out that her lover cheated on her with Sexy Mo. So she first declare to her, that `He is mine` as they both meet in the social network, but Mo answers back `Oh no, from now he is mine`. After a short dirty chat, the big breasted housewifes challenged each other to fight it out in provocatively clothes and without panties in a hotel room, to settle the score. A classic catfight starts off with lots of hot leg tangling, pussy bumping and trib fuck. What follows is a long hot back and forth catball sexfight.

E-C-C 210 Runtime: 67min.

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E-C-C 209 "Flight Attendants Catball"

Annika and her roommate Heidi get into a huge argument and end up rolling around all over the floor, clawing, pulling hair and catballing. It seams that the first fight was not enough to solve their problems. Heidi finds out very quickly, that Annika can fight like no other woman she has come across before. And Heidis levels of natural strenght is something Annika has not had to deal with in her previous matches. Even as the fight starts, you can see two ladies who really want to fight each other.

E-C-C 209 Runtime: 60min.

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E-C-C 208 "Living Room Showdown"

Mia matches up against Sexy Susi again and takes it right to the veteran attacking her in the living room. There is plenty of leg locks and crotch smothering, and also trib were the weapons of choice. Susi knows that all she has to do is rub this little sluts crotch and she will be play dough in her hands. But Mia thought for herself "I will show it to you, you fucking cunt. I am the winner". But is she ?

E-C-C 208 Runtime: 33min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 207 "Franks Fetish Fight IV"

Marina and Mona want to prove, that they woman enough to be the favorite housemaid and the first choice as Mistress of Frank. In the old fetish tradition this means there has to be a dirty cunt grinding catfight. They rubbed each others latex panties (pussy to pussy action) quite intensiv, to determine who gets fucked by Frank at the very end. Hot and sexy action, originally shot as a costum video.

E-C-C 207 Runtime: 32min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 206 "Heidi vs Lucy"

Hard body Lucy is sent by a costumer to defeat her rival ! She removes her clothes to change into the same sexy bodysuites like Heidi wearing, before she entered her room. Her mission: To teach the little bitch a lesson in erotic fighting. Lucy started to take control and Heidi really got turned on. But then the girls try to knock each other over with their powerful bodies before they take to the bed and maneuver into scissoring positions where they try to dominate each other with their pussies by slamming them together. Can Lucy her job successfully finish ? (Another thank-you to our costumer)

E-C-C 206 Runtime: 32min. + 29min. Bonus

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E-C-C 205 "Wet Titfight Tussle"

Two terrific tit fighters go extra fierce for the win. Jannina Sommer and Sexy Mo start out with wet blouses in a tit to tit match that allows titfighting over and over again to get the domination upper hand. Many fans have requested to see more of this unstoppable tough action, interrupted only briefly of hard crotch grinding against each other.

E-C-C 205 Runtime: 44min. + 15min. Bonus

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E-C-C 204 "The Club Bitches Rumble"

Sexy Susi wants to take revenge after her surprising defeat against the naughty newcomer Mia. So Mia and Susi lock up in a personal domination match. The face to face stare down at the begining test of strenght, intensify's to a legs entwined catball catfight and a hot steamy make out session in order to force the other into an orgasm. Very often Susi dominates with her strenght and her long experience but can the former busty champion defeat the much younger Mia this time ?

E-C-C 204 Runtime: 30min. + 30min. Bonus

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E-C-C 203 "Dangerous Negligees"

Heidi and Annika Rose get powerful, aggressive and horny when they realized that both wearing the same outfit for the evvening negligee party in this newest costum catball brawl that finds both women in their element and each loving to fight it out in a leglocked wrestle, back and forth and real competitive.

E-C-C 203 Runtime: 63 min.

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E-C-C 202 "No Holds Barred"

Blonde Sharon da Vale vs redhead Sexy Mo. Two hot enemies in an erotic pantyhose catfight. They renew their rivalry in satin blouses and black pantyhose. The two women rolling on the floor, clawing and grabbing each other, all while they ripping their hosiery. After the first rush Sharon and Mo bring the catball catfight to a climax when their legs and crotches locked together to send the loser off to dreamland.

E-C-C 202 Runtime: 42min. + 21min. Bonus

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E-C-C 201 "Young Woman vs Milf Challenge"

Big busty Milf Sexy Susi is back to shoot some hot video clips, but she find a new rival at her place. Mia, a much younger woman and Susi start trash talking and they can not wait to tearing into each other. Lots of leg locking and crotch to crotch action follows for all who want to see two different aged women getting in trouble, one of them with a sexy big butt and the other with some very hot and big tits.

E-C-C 201 Runtime: 33min. + 32min. Bonus

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