E-C-C 126 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 40

Watch Gina Blonde and Cherie Noir in an intensive sexfight to the finish. The rules are simple. Both opponents agreed that the winner fuck the loser hard with a bigger handgrip dildo bevor your eyes. They use all tribadism techniques as sexual weapons to finish of and dominate the other girl and also to showing their fans who the better woman is. It seems that there is a real challenge and a real grudge between those hot girls. In the first round they fight with panties in a leg locked trib sexfight. In round two they fight nude and pussy to pussy with hot and wild squeezing tribadism action. And in round three they fight nude with hot face sitting, mutual fingering, pussy to butt pumping and hard tribadism action. Round four is the ultimate surrender contest in a very erotic girl fight and the winner fuck the loser to an explosive climax !!!

E-C-C 126 Runtime: 46min. + 39min. Bonus

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E-C-C 125 "The Privat Sexfight Arrangement"

A dream comes truth for all lovers of long, intensive leg tangle and leg locking action in nylons, miniskirts, high heels but without panties. Gina Blonde and Cherie Noir lives in the same town, visiting the same clubs and work in the same business. And now there is a great jealousy between this two sexy cuties and they arranged a privat erotic catfight contest to settle out their female rivalry. The fight began soon and after a couple of minutes the action moved to a mixed of leg tangle and tribadism. Pussy bang into pussy and both women trying to force the other to cum first in a long and exiting sexfight. Never was a leg tangling clash so welcome. Enjoy the hot action and follow this dripping wet crotchfight.

E-C-C 125 Runtime: 33min. + 29min. Bonus

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E-C-C 124 "Strong Lesbian Sexfight"

If you had seen the first confrontation between Alexxx Wilde and Sexy Mo then you can't wait for watching Part 2 as well. There's quite something for titfighting and boob bear-hugging lesbians lovers as well as for wild pussy bumping lovers and of course there is quite something for lovers who like to see when two wild women have trib sex with some exiting orgasms. These two women like it for real to bumping there pussys together and to find out who is the sexfight loser today. This is simply perfection and you can easily witness the chemistry of both dominant faces and reactions. Watch and enjoy one of the most exiting sexual experience of this two sexfight women that they probably won't forget ever. This fights starts with hot tongue kissing, strong leg tangling in nylons and high heels, hard titfighting and tit to tit pushing, fast and furious tribadism in panties, with much intensive pussy bumping and hot wedgies.

E-C-C 124 Runtime: 43min. + 19min. Bonus

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E-C-C 123 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 39

This erotic contest between Alexxx Wilde(42y.) and Sexy Mo(27y.) are starting with a long topless sumo contest in short jeans and both women trying to overturn her opponent on the mat. Then the two fetish rivals change tactics and fight each other nude in an agressive and competitive tribadism match.

E-C-C 123 Runtime: 47min. + 42min. Bonus

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E-C-C 122 "Roughhouse Catfight"

Before some weeks ago Alex Wilde (42y.) has ask us for a rough and raw erotic catfight versuv one of our younger women to fight it out. The experience mature sexfighter with a touch of fetish needs a strong an sultry opponent and so we let her fight with the natural wildcat Sexy Mo (28y.) who accept the challenge gladly to show Alex, that she can handle her harder like she need. Both combatants pull hair furiously, stamp there bodies and breasts hard together, show trib action and pussy bumping in panties, kissing each other hot, finger and lick there wet pussys mutual, till there bodies work up sweat in a dripping fetish contest. So today you can see one of the hottest and steaming female cat- and sexfight in a wild roughhouse style on this website.

E-C-C 122 Runtime: 33min. + 24min. Bonus

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E-C-C 121 "Naughty She-Devils"

Marina is the kind of mature woman who are is very violent to win the second sexfight vs the younger milf Vicky, too. But Vicky hates beaten in anything so that both real and beautiful cats hope to making the other cum and give in. After one woman had proved the other if she is the stronger one in their first settlement, both woman now can't hold back their strong sexual desire for the other any longer and they're falling over each other like two randy cats in this rematch. They've both just one intention: To enjoy their sex and also to enjoy the others voluptuous body as well as making her opponent come first.

E-C-C 121 Runtime: 34min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 120 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 38

This is Marina Montanas(43) first extreme nude submission sexfight tournament match vs. Vicky W.(34) and there was hardly no decision but both women try step by step to get the upper hand. Each enjoy her sexual and physical background and there is a great natural rivalry between this two mature women like we can see. And both wanted to dominate the other with an aggressive tactic to see who is the better sexfighter. In the second half was certainly some kind of good titfighting action between this two women. And please enjoy another mature vs. milf clit fighting contest with a few of hot and wet tribadism climax situations. At the end Marina gets her fisting lesson from the lucky winner Vicky but we can promise you that this was not the last fight of Marina at catfight-corner, today!!!

E-C-C 120 Runtime: 44min. + 42min. Bonus

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E-C-C 119 "Violent Catfight"

This is Marinas (43) first tribadism catfight after some experience with erotic oil wrestling in the past. She ask us for a strong and violent opponent, and Vicky (34) means that she could teaching her into the world of hard, wild cat- and sexfights. Blond and busty Marina using her female body to fight and turn on dominant Vicky and both women show us entangled female bodies in a hot tempered submission sexfight. This match is for lovers of midthirty woman vs mature women in wild catfight and sexually trib and titfight action.

E-C-C 119 Runtime: 34min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 118 "Sexual Knockout"

This is the second fight of two equal and sexy catfighters. Evey Kristal and Jill Diamond are both lustful and aggressive, and they want this revenge fight soon. The hot erotic catfight starts with many standing leg tangling and aggressive trib positions, passionate kisses and some wrestling on the bed. You may like it if you like to watch two women to fight while they fuck each other and to fuck while they fight to the ultimate sexual knockout.

E-C-C 118 Runtime: 33min. + 30min. Bonus

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E-C-C 117 "Greedy Girls"

German fiercefighter Jill Diamond and English sexy fitness girl Evey Kristal are natural rivals since their first erotic catfight and they decide a rematch to test the chemistry of there strong and good shape bodies. Both women are falling over each other like two wildcats and ripping their pantyhoses down to start an excellent trib fight. It is a real surprise to see them fight wild and full of spirits and both are greedy for more and more sexfight action!!!

E-C-C 117 Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus

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